Macdeth at MICF 2019

“So much of this work is memorable because of the witty energetic, beautifully timed way it is presented.”
Suzanne Sandow

This Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Company 13 bring our littlest comedy lovers a cracking, kid-friendly classic, filled with physical comedy and the tastiest morsels of Shakespeare’s prose! From the 6th to the 19th of April, audiences are invited to blow the dust off their schoolroom Shakespeare and experience a true theatre classic with Company 13’s, Macdeth at Melbourne’s iconic Coopers Malthouse.

Great for kids and adults alike who are convinced Shakespeare is going to be unfathomable and boring, Macdeth is a riveting and hilarious tale combining Shakespeare’s rich language with everyday English. It pulls no punches, taking audience members on a journey of murder and foul play, injustice and cruelty… and one man’s ambition gone horribly wrong.

“We wanted to make a bloody tragedy about greed and avarice, full of foul purpose and murder, that was funny, engaging, and playfully theatrical.”, adds Director and Company 13 ensemble member James Pratt.

“We have a very accessible style for children and adults alike that can combine the ridiculous and the dramatic. Macbeth offers a clear linear narrative so it lends itself to a relatively easy story to follow, and it’s themes are very relevant. The style of this production is also very unique to the work Company 13 creates. Audiences can expect stupidity and drama, and a good story told with a lot of playfulness.”

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