MICF Macdeth Done!!!

Thank you to all those who supported us and made this a great season. We had great crowds awesome feedback.

Check out some of the reviews

‘…you really feel that crackling chemistry between the performers as they breathe life into…one of the greatest classics in the history of theatre.’ Theatrepeople.com.au

‘Written with pure wit and ingenious insight on the characters and their situation’ Theatrepeople.com.au

‘The additional love scenes between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are so fun you wonder why they weren’t in the original’ australianstage.com.au

‘…it’s a guaranteed laugh and a great yarn that’s still as relevant today as it was 500 years ago.’ australianstage.com.au

‘…the kid sitting behind me responded “oh, that’s brilliant”. theatrepress.com.au

‘Short and not so sweet, this is a Shakespeare comedic tragedy not to be missed.’ theatrepress.com.au

…a silly introduction to serious theatre.’ The Age

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