About Us

Company 13 creates and performs wickedly funny, dark and thought provoking ensemble theatre. Glorious original music, performed live and written by the company, is integral to our shows.

Company 13 is well-known for the expertise and talent of our company members and for our palpable ensemble connection.
With this breadth of experience and skill we make theatre which is visceral, disarming, unexpected and alive – theatre which celebrates the human condition in all its sensational messiness.MacDeath - side shothandchop copy

Company 13 started out in 2006 as a group of 13 theatre maker friends who had trained in Melbourne, Australia under the renowned teacher John Bolton, in the Jacques le Coq tradition of European physical theatre forms – mime, melodrama, greek tragedy, character, mask, bouffon and clown.
Time whittled us into a core group of 4 devisors/musicians/performers and one director.

Company 13 has a unique style born of the ensemble’s idiosynccratic play in the genres of melodrama, bouffon and clown and storytelling. For us, play and joy are serious and form the basis of our work.

Company 13 is working to expand our audience base to regional Victoria, within Australia and internationally. We are committed to growing as individual artists and as an artistic company to make a considerable body of work into the future.

Company 13 offers audiences an absurd take on life. Exquisite clowning and music and heart-stopping storytelling ensure Company 13’s aesthetically appealing performances offer unexpected revelations of joy and sorrow in theatre audiences of all
ages.MacDeath - witches3 copy