Who are we

Company 13 started out in 2006 as a group of 13 theatre makers who had all trained the Jacques le Coq tradition of European physical theatre forms – mime, melodrama, greek tragedy, character, mask, bouffon and clown. Over the last 9 years we have been developing an idiosyncratic ensemble style, grown from a synthesis of these forms.
For this performance of Macdeth, we will be a company of 4 performers – Christian Bagin, Vanessa Chapple, John Forman and Fiona Roake, directed by James Pratt.
Company 13 aims to enliven and provoke audiences: to inspire people to reflect upon the choices they make in their lives. Our work flows from the absurd to the beauty of innocence and is characterised by the value we give to the seriousness of play. We create theatre that is visceral, immediate, unexpected and alive: theatre that celebrates our human condition in all its sensational messiness.

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